Diwali Special


Diwali Light Up Cards, a special festive edition by Scraplabs brings celebrations and learning in a package. Families can come together to do activities using LEDs, coin cells and copper tape, to send out to their dear and loved ones.

Pack of 4 at Rs. 600/-
Pack of 8 at Rs. 1000/-
  • Diwali Light Up Cards
    Diwali Light Up Cards
    Make it Yourself: Fun Hands on learning activity.
  • Know your Ramayana
    Know your Ramayana
    Amazing way to introduce Ramayana to your child.
  • DIY Light up Cards
    DIY Light up Cards
    Quick video tutorial of Light up Cards.


Make Diwali Lanterns with Scraplabs’ special festive edition kits. A fun and engaging activity to do as a family using coin cells and LEDs to light up your homes. It’s celebrations and learning packaged together!

Pack of 5 at Rs. 300/-
Pack of 8 at Rs. 500/-
  • Colorful Diwali Lanterns
    Colorful Diwali Lanterns
    Design it Yourself: Fun Hands on learning activity.
  • Decorate your home
    Decorate your home.
    Amazing way to learn this festive season with ScrapLabs.
  • DIY Diwali Lanterns
    DIY Diwali Lantern
    Video Tutorial: How to make Lanterns.